alcohol ink art

Mari Frolova

My paintings are created with a positive atmosphere, they convey a feeling of comfort and luxurious modernity.
Filled with a kaleidoscope of colors and non-standard solutions.
They create an interior space with a special extravagance and an exciting focus.
which attracts attention.

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Art in everyone

My paintings - special ones, created with love, attract with their uniqueness.They will certainly bring the best emotions and pleasure.They easily involve the imagination,fill with beautiful balancing and soothing.

Combine two colors, from which tenderness, love, passion will be born. Add gold and silver colors and you will be overflowing with wealth and luck.Combining warm and cold tones, adding gold and silver glitter, I am happy to put a positive vision of the world into my creations.I charge them with light energy.
In my paintings, you can see the touch of flowers, a breath of wind, a flame petal, the sound of a sea wave.By watching them again and again, you can balance the whole inner world, fill yourself with harmony.I continue to create. I'm an artist and I love life and I'm sure it's beautiful.

Paintings Collection


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About me

My passion for art began in childhood. Born in Ukraine, I showed a deep interest in art and creativity from an early age.
I grew up among talented people, who showed their talents in all fields.

The beauty and creative expressions of my loved ones shaped my worldview.
I observed and learned a lot, I always had an uncontrollable desire to visualize the surrounding world, feelings, desires, emotions.
I am interested in combining colors, experimenting with materials, watch as beauty is born before your eyes. I have perfected the ability to tame the fluidity of alcohol ink to create unique and exceptional works of art. France became my second home, inspired me to create more and share beauty through painting. Spent countless hours and completed numerous courses, for mastering new, modern techniques in art.

I like to share my knowledge and skills. Conduct drawing lessons with alcohol ink for both companies and individuals, as well as showing short videos on how to paint pictures in this technique. Under my guidance, anyone can perform the "Alcohol Ink" technique.
They develop imagination, fill with beauty, balance and calm.

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About technique

The alcohol ink technique is an exciting new medium in the art world that allows you to freely express yourself through the combination of different colors.

The alcohol ink technique, also known as ink painting, gives abstract paintings a unique texture and color that emphasizes the subject of the painting.

She worked with various materials and in various techniques.
And for today, I chose alcohol mascara and an abstract performance technique.
This technique is incredibly rich and diverse in its colors.
I have the opportunity to convey the full range of my thoughts and feelings to give free rein to my imagination.

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Paintings in interior 

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Whether you are changing the interior of your home radically or just decided to refresh it, alcohol ink art is a great way to do both.

Non-objective painting can be very different. reflects the philosophy and character of both its author and (future) owner.

Such painting is perceived by all senses. It may sound illogical about a flat object, but in my opinion, it is the most accurate analogy. It evokes associative images - at least visual ones. Memories of smells, sounds, and preferences can also be traced to visual images.

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And abstract paintings do not require words and explanations. You can fall in love with a painting at first sight, but sometimes it takes time to get to know it better. But you can not explain to anyone what is depicted on it and why you chose it. This is your emotional response and your associative series!My paintings can be chosen for any interior, which will make it unique and special.

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